So I wonder why.

Why he asks? yes why.

Why seeking and why seeking uncertainty. I mean why the name of course.

What is the origin of the blog’s name. I thought about it for a while- thinking what will represent a journey that seeks all, but knows nothing.

Then it hit me (It didn’t came to me as some sort of enlightenment or epiphany, but it still hit me while I was daydreaming):

“seeking uncertainty”. In a way..We’re all seeking uncertainty.

I look for uncertainty, as I’m a risk taker or AKA belongs to the cults of ‘brainless people” that act based on hunch and excitement and not but perhaps pure complete analytical analysis of the facts.

So what type you are?

entrepreneurs that are tolerable to risk.

what type of person are you?

It takes guts to act (Heart, smarts, Guts and Luck book by Anthony K. Tjan)..note: tought i must say I find it peculiar that 3 classic corporate america guys write a book about entrepreneurship in a startup style. So not much correlation between the authors and the content- I guess that’s why I got a free signed copy by the author himself when he finished a lecture about the book with a whittling down participants in his lecture.


No risk-  the ones that will take no risk and will prefer a stable enviroment, that might be more demanding and stressful, but still stable and know. People something prefer to be miserable and certain rather than happy uncertain. That certainty has a stiff price to pay- and that’s sometimes your freedom, professional life, physical location, etc. AKA the corporate guys, or if you like it the rough james Altucher style: a pencil holders. For some reason If you want analogy to the wand  9-5 workplace. AKA the corporate guys. (also I recomend on this post on his)


Risk tolerators- Will be tolerable for risk. They do not necessarily looking for risk, but rather accepting it. whoever is tolerable to risk will take risk to some limited extent. So i might be able to go for skydiving, but not all the way to take that one stride before towards a 100 feet abyss in a bungee jumping.

This is a hybrid model of of that “no risk” and the “risk takers”.

Risk taker-  Those are the people that are prone to risk or a risk trigger happy. The risk taker would claim to drive excitement, enjoyment by being engage in a “risk prone” activity. and they love it this way too.

Obviously you’ll see the extreme sports participants in this category (bungee, cliff divers, rock climbers, motocross, etc) . In the same way,we’ll see entrepreneurs that belong to this category: whether those are entrepreneurs that are breaking their way into new innovative fields, or entrepreneurs that take a risk on the personal level and quite a promising job for the sake of a business idea that might work out but has no guarantees. Later on in their venture those traits comes to play in the guts to initiate action, the futs to endure and the guts to evolve. resilience and perseverance are a key traits in this recipe.


If you’re tolerable to risk or prone to risk- then the uncertainty is perhaps what will drive you in developing your entire journey.

Stayed tuned.


it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln