How to increase your deal value and close $50k/yr. + deals easily

As sales tactics is one of the most important and vital aspects of the SaaS sales process, price optimization is a subsequent key ingredient. Thus, positioning the right price in proposals is an art per se. Here are few best practices taken from Nick Nolenda’s excellent price optimization report. The practices are adapted to the SaaS world. Here is a brief summary (tl;dr ): 1) Remove the $ sign (it reminds the pain of paying). 2) Remove the comma when possible (2599/mo. instead of... Read more
The Devil’s in the Details: The Case for a Low Information Diet

The Devil’s in the Details: The Case for a Low Information Diet

The era of massive information Today more than ever, we’re hooked. We’ve got to stay connected, right? The need to stay up to date is taking over us. We have to stay connected to what is going on and not miss a single bit of information, as it might be that piece of information that is so important for us to know. If we don’t, then others will look at us as an out-dated machine that needs to be replaced. Thus, we convince ourselves that we ought to stay super-connected. Especially in the tech... Read more
Why VCs aren’t Insanely Rich..

Why VCs aren’t Insanely Rich..

Disclaimer: I admire Jason Lemkin @jasonlk and his posts are amazing. I’ve learned some much and I’m humbled to write a follow up post on this topic. I’ll start with a spoiler, or more precisely the bottom line: VC’s are that insanely rich, or at least most majority of them. So Jason mentioned in his post that VC’s ends up with personal effective ownership of 32%-40% on a “one company equivalent” basis. Here is a recap of the assumptions: 1. Total of 20% in 20 companies: VC that does A/B... Read more

Seeking uncertainty – the origins

So I wonder why. Why he asks? yes why. Why seeking and why seeking uncertainty. I mean why the name of course. What is the origin of the blog’s name. I thought about it for a while- thinking what will represent a journey that seeks all, but knows nothing. Then it hit me (It didn’t came to me as some sort of enlightenment or epiphany, but it still hit me while I was daydreaming): “seeking uncertainty”. In a way..We’re all seeking uncertainty. I look for uncertainty, as I’m a risk taker or AKA... Read more

Just Slow Down (once in a while)

It happens too often. sounds like  the story of our life. Stop me if it sounds too familiar. We’re intensively running in a race: getting the right degree, the right job, the right career path, the right decisions that will make us look in hindsight and say: we made the right thing. But maybe we didn’t  and maybe we end up try to get it all, but we’re just end up catching a tiger by it’s tail. Sometimes you just cannot have it all., and you’re just then overwhelmed but your attempts. You’re... Read more
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